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"The Bull of Cold" got awarded at ImagineNATIVE film festival

The ImagineNATIVE Media + Arts Film Festival has announced its 2023 winners in Toronto, Canada. "The Bull of Cold" by studio Tundra was previously included into the festival's programme, and was also announced among other award winners.

We have received the Indigenous Language Production award! The jury commented on our 3D short:

The survival of Indigenous languages rests in the normalization of Indigenous languages in ALL spaces. While in recent years we have seen Disney films translated into Indigenous languages, we are yet to see studio animated films that have been ‘originated’ in Indigenous languages and perspective. Via his people’s legend ‘The Bull of Cold', filmmaker Alexander Moruo allows us this very opportunity by combining his Sakha perspective and language seamlessly into a world-class studio level animation that inspires Indigenous animators to reach up for the stars, while holding firm to their Indigenous language.

It was a really useful and helpful experience to take part in such a great festival which promotes same values as we in Tundra Animation do. The fact that we got awarded makes us proud and believe even more in what we do. It is important that the Sakha language stays live and the Sakha people continue to create art in native language that is understood everywhere else.

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